LOL: NBC News President Claims We’re ‘Ferociously Defending’ Objectivity

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By Tim Graham ~

MRC’s Brent Baker called it the “Unintentional laugh of the week.” NBC News president Noah Oppenheim granted an interview to Tom Jones of the liberal Poynter Institute to talk about the news business, and Oppenheim’s claims about NBC’s objectivity are jaw-dropping. When he was asked what NBC aims to offer its viewers, Oppenheim claimed:

NBC News proper as a whole — everything that falls under the NBC News umbrella — we are ferociously defending the traditional approach to journalism. We’re ferociously defending the idea that it’s possible to hold the middle ground and be objective and nonpartisan. That’s our mission.

When we go and interview a national figure, whether it’s Vice President Harris or if it had been Vice President Pence three years ago, we’re going to go into each of those interviews with the exact same mentality, which is these are the folks who are…

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EV’s Destined To Pay For Upgrading Electrical Grids

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By Ronald Stein ~

California has always advertised itself as being the “leader”, but the UK has gone one-up on California with their creative EV charging regulations. Turns out that EV charging may be another source of revenue for the UK:

UK regulations coming into force in June 2022, will restrict charging times, as new chargers in the home and workplace are to automatically switch off in peak times to avoid potential blackouts.

  1. New UK chargers will be pre-set to not function during 9-hours of peak loads, from 8am to 11am (3-hours), and 4pm to 10pm (6-hours).

  2. In addition, all home installed UK electric vehicle chargers will be required to be separately metered and send this information to a Smart meter data communications network.

  3. Potentially, this UK legislation allows the electricity used for charging EVs to be charged and taxed at a higher rate than domestic electricity.

The UK…

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Womp, Womp, Womp: Fox News Bests CNN, MSNBC on January 6 Anniversary (By a Lot)

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By Curtis Houck ~

CNN and MSNBC spent over 1,600 minutes Thursday obsessing over the first anniversary of the January 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol, but it failed to translate into any success in the ratings department.

Thanks to early numbers from Nielsen Media Research, the Fox News Channel cruised to an easy victory in both total viewers with roughly 1.567 million and 245,000 in the 25-54 demographic.

According to a Fox News press release, FNC defeated CNN “in every hour across both categories” as the Jeff Zucker-led channel was only able to fetch 742,869 total viewers overall and 139,202 across Thursday in the demo.

MSNBC was able to best CNN in total viewers with about 1.049 million viewers, but narrowly lost in the 25-54 group as the Comcast-owned property garnered just 136,019 viewers.

And in the key 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Eastern block during which President…

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NY Times Makes Hay Of January 6 Anniversary, Shuns Comparison To BLM Riots

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By Clay Waters ~

The New York Times is making hay during the intense Democratic politicization of the one-year anniversary of the violent Capitol Hill riots of January 6, 2021, what an online headline called “the worst American attack in democracy in centuries.” (How many centuries are we talking about here?)

The paper went “live” on Thursday morning, blogging President Biden’s unusual speech from the U.S. Capitol where he intoned, “Those who stormed this Capitol and those who instigated and incited and those who called on them to do so held a dagger at the throat of America and American democracy.”

Catie Edmondson reported under the sneering subhead “Top Republicans, who have downplayed and denied the riot, are absent from the commemorative events.

Top Republicans were nowhere to be found at the Capitol on Thursday as President Biden and members of Congress commemorated the deadliest…

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Now It’s Much Ado About Methane

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By Dr. John Happs ~

It would appear that climate alarmists and associated vested interest groups might have decided that an increasing number of politicians and members of the public no longer see the trivial amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide as having much of a role to play in our ever-changing climate and the weather extremes the planet has always experienced.

This realisation might have dawned on them after 26 pointless Conferences of the Parties (COPS), during which thousands of hypocritical delegates flew hundreds of private jets to locations around the world to achieve absolutely nothing.  Despite those many COP talk-fests, most developed nations have shown no inclination to reduce their industrial activity and lower their standards of living. Developing nations, including India, China and Indonesia have flatly refused to do so.

If it was carbon dioxide emission reductions the climate alarmists were seeking, the result from all that wasted…

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ABC Saves Biden’s Bacon In Year – End Roundup

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By Tim Graham ~

One of the most disturbing concepts in politics is the media elite providing the “first draft of history.” You can test-drive this with a look at ABC’s two-hour year-end special on December 27. It was mostly about celebrities and athletes and some natural disasters. But when President Biden came up, ABC was energetically playing defense.

It began with Biden’s inauguration and Trump’s second impeachment proceeding, over the January 6 riot…when Trump was already replaced.

ABC anchorman David Muir announced: “Back at the White House — A flurry of executive orders, plans to combat COVID, and the return of the White House briefing after its conspicuous absence.” What? Kayleigh McEnany wasn’t briefing the press in 2020? ABC somehow pretended Jen Psaki took over from Stephanie Grisham oddly never holding a briefing.

Muir proclaimed: “On the world stage, Biden touted a return to diplomacy, resetting relationships with our…

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Decarbonization Cannot Manufacture The Products Demanded By Civilization

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By Ronald Stein ~

As late as the 1800’s, the world was “decarbonized” as there were no coal or natural gas power plants, and what the Beverly Hillbillies situation comedies of the 1960’s theme song called “oil that is, black gold, Texas tea”, had not been discovered as something that could be manufactured into usable products.

Before the 1900’s life was hard and dirty, and most people never traveled 100-200 miles from where they were born, and life expectancy was short. Today, crude oil is manufactured into all the products used in the medical industry, fertilizers, electronics and more than 6,000 other products that are the basis of lifestyles and economies.

Now, worldwide efforts are in place to have electricity generated by breezes and sunshine to decarbonize the electricity being generated by coal and natural gas. The “other” fossil fuel of crude oil is caught on the chopping block efforts to eliminate…

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The Real Climate And Health Crisis

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By Paul Driessen ~

Climate policies promoted and imposed by Team Biden and Democrats are based on junk science, headline-grabbing scare stories, and computer models that create far-fetched “scenarios” asserting that fossil fuel use and emissions will cause Earth to warm by 4 degrees C (7 F) over the next 80 years, and cause Arctic warming that will bring colder winters.

Those dire predictions are used to justify more taxpayer-funded “research,” like a recent Columbia University “mortality cost of carbon” study that claims 83 million people (the population of Germany) “could be killed” this century by those rising planetary temperatures. Therefore we must take “immediate action” to “transform” our energy and economic systems, and replace oil, gas and coal with (millions of) wind turbines and (billions of) solar panels and backup batteries.

These policies are lethal for people and planet They would require mining on scales unprecedented in human…

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Editor Slams Big Tech For Continuing To Target Conservatives Online

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By Autumn Johnson ~

In a scathing Twitter thread, the editor of the Daily Caller slammed Big Tech social media platforms for continuing to favor leftist viewpoints online.

Geoffrey Ingersoll, the Caller’s editor-in-chief, tweeted no one should be surprised by the continued bias against conservatives, despite the claim that conservatives hold top spots at many social media companies. He alleged that “supply and demand” will allow some views to be published without moderation at the expense of others.

“It’s true, cons dominate the top spots on FB,” Ingersoll added. “Anyone telling you that’s evidence social prefers conservatives is a fucking liar. It’s about supply & demand. Until you can show me prominent lefties getting banned & left wing talking points getting policed, I don’t want to hear it.”

For some time, many conservatives have argued that social media platforms silence or censor conservative users while favoring certain viewpoints from the…

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BIDEN COVER: TIME Magazine Blames ‘American Shoppers’ For Breaking Supply Chain

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By Joseph Vazquez ~

Blame Americans! TIME magazine chose to blame the everyman to protect President Joe Biden from his disastrous economic policies and the supply chain shortages hampering the U.S. economy.

The liberal magazine was blunt in its absurd condescension in a story headlined, “How American Shoppers Broke the Supply Chain.” The story bleated how “America has long been gobbling up more goods from overseas than we send back, but in the past year, spending has gone bonkers.” The smear piece even had a subsection headlined, “Our buying habits are hurting the U.S. economy.”

Of course, TIME mentioned nothing about how Biden and the Federal Reserve “squeezed the supply side with incentives not to work, restrictive mandates, and the promise of more regulation and higher taxes. The result is 5% inflation and supply-chain disruptions that CEOs say will stretch well into 2022 and maybe beyond,” as The Wall Street…

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