Chicago Lakefront Bike Ride

I live on Chicago’s Lakefront and ride my bicycle there all year ’round. I wanted to share a couple of shots from this morning’s ride.

The first is looking south in Monroe Harbor where all the boats are still in the water. Later this month the owners will begin putting them into drydock or sailing them to more friendly weathered ports.

I shot the second photo this morning too. It looks slightly more eastward. You can see in the right hand corner the buildings in the left most part of the first shot. If you look very closely you can see some of the remaining steel mills in Gary, Indiana.

Rare view.

The photo above is not typical as it was shot from around the Adler Planetarium looking north. Usually the only way you can see this particular view is from a boat. I shot this from about two miles south of the first two pics on the following day. Hence the different clouds and calmer water.

We get some epic views of the sky, too, when it is unobstructed like this.


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