Epic Travel Ad on Sightseeing Bus

Although I have never worked in advertising, I have always enjoyed ‘a good ad.’ The industry mobilizes a great deal of creativity on a global basis, sight, sound, the works.

Here is one great ad I ran across on my bike ride this morning.

If you click on the pic you can see it full size.

Is this gorgeous, or what?

First of all there is the riot of brilliant color which by no small coincidence is perfectly in time for the coming changing of the leaves here in the Midwest.

Second, spare copy. Why use more words than necessary? Some roads take us further away. Wonderful, suggestive, sparking the imagination.

Lastly, they used further correctly. One of my pet peeves is when weather forecasters talk about conditions further north or south. Sorry, weather guys and gals, but when you are talking about geographic distances, it is farther, not further. You pursue concepts further, you travel farther north on the road. Further means additional. The use of further here suggests to me that you are traveling not just on the road in Michigan, but away from the hustle and bustle of your humdrum daily life. On a personal note. I like that they show a couple of folks riding bikes.

Love this ad!



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