I thought my readers might enjoy this as much as I did.

reading interrupted.

Do you or your children read to your dog?

I ask this because studies have found that children who have trouble reading tend to improve after spending time reading to a dog.  They’re often more relaxed around them, and don’t feel embarrassed if they make a mistake (dogs are just happy to hear a good story and don’t mind mistakes!)

The R.E.A.D. program (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) is one of the many programs that offers access to friendly, story-loving dogs.

According to one article I read, one little girl loved that her furry audience “usually licked me when I was stuck on a word. I think he wanted to give me encouragement to figure out that word.”

A boy said of his dog: “He does look at the story book, and he smiles a lot.”

Another stated that his canine friend understood the story “and he liked it.”

All this has…

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