Sweet Cycling Surprise

I am a member of The Chainlink, Chicago’s Online Cycling Community. They had a Halloween contest about creative uses of a bicycle. I entered a picture of my bike with the basket on the front and the pet carrier in it. My little poodle was sitting in the basket. As it turns out I won the contest. I have a small amount of guilt about winning as I think the photo of my bike with little Gabi sitting in the basket won on the basis of being so darn cute.

Here is the photo that won of my bike (and cute dog).

First prize was a tin of bicycle cookies with one a replica of my bicycle.

I think Rocky, the baker, did a great job on the cookies and they taste delicious, too. (Thanks, Julie, for bringing them down.)



2 thoughts on “Sweet Cycling Surprise

  1. Check out Amazon for bicycle pet carriers. The good news is that Ted is probably much lighter than Gabi at close to 14 pounds. However, I have never seen a cat on the bike path.There are a few dogs, though. You are a trend setter, though. Go for it!

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