‘Kiss Orange Emperor’s A**’: Trump Victory Speech LEVELS Hollywood Left

PA Pundits - International

By Gabriel Hays ~

The left’s best efforts at removing President Trump ended with an impeachment acquittal on Wednesday, Feb. 5, and the man had an off-the-cuff victory speech about beating the “vicious” Dems on Thursday. How do you think lefties in Hollywood were holding up?

Lefty celebrities couldn’t stand it as the commander-in-chief called Dems’ efforts to remove him “bullshit” and thanked his “warriors” — his impeachment lawyers, and loyal GOP senators and congressmen — for sticking with him through the trial. Trump Derangement Syndrome casualties like Rosie O’Donnell and Bette Midler lost their minds over the trash talk from America’s “Orange Emperor.”

Speaking of Rosie, the washed-up comedian took Trump’s victory pretty hard. She spent all day tweeting about the president’s acquittal and went bonkers as networks broadcast his acquittal speech. She tweeted, “Kiss the naked orange emperors ass – NO NEWS PEOPLE BREAKING IN – HOW…

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