Joe Biden’s Policies Increase U.S. Dependence On China

PA Pundits - International

ByDuggan Flanakin ~

At a time when the global supply of semiconductor chips is falling behind global demand, President Joe Biden is pushing heavily for massive changes to the U.S. economy that require near-geometric increases in our reliance on technologies that require chips and the rare-earth metals that make them work. Chinese President Xi Jinping could not have devised an American energy strategy more favorable to his nation.

Dr. Karen Clark, who has written extensively on natural resource crimes, warns that the Biden agenda, which appears on the surface to reduce U.S. dependency on fossil fuels, will instead create a near-total dependency on rare-earth metals and compounds from China.

Not only is the Middle Kingdom the world’s leading polluting nation, China’s regional aggression, its horrendous record on human rights, and its massive theft of intellectual property could create impassable obstacles (or demand U.S submission) to normal business operations. China…

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