About Me

I am finding that I like the name Willing Wheeling even though I wanted to use “Raindrops on Roses” from The Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things for the name of this blog. Appears someone already had my original idea, so I can’t use that.

So, what’s Willing Wheeling all about? I am a guy who likes, make that loves, riding a bicycle. As you can see from the photo above, I often ride with my dog, Gabi. I live in Chicago and pedaled over 8000 miles in 2012. So I ride year ’round. I wish I could articulate why I love bike riding so much. The best I have come up with after years of thinking about it is that I experience a feeling of flight while doing it that is just short of intoxicating to me. Not soaring up, but low level flight. I think trying to explain my love for biking is like trying to explain why you love the person you are with. You can name a lot of nice positive traits like, honest, sincere, caring, etc., but those are probably true of all your friends. Those aren’t the reason he/she makes the hair on your arms stand up. That’s why you love him/her.

Happiness is not some kind of airy-fairy thing. I subscribe to the dictums of positive psychology created by Martin Seligman. Positive psychology, or flourishing, is symbolized by the acronym PERMA. P = Positive Emotions; E = Engagement; R = Relationships; M = Meaning and A = Accomplishment. You can read a good explanation of PERMA and the rest of it here. I wrote it up for the other blog I write One Regular Guy Writing About Food, Exercise and Living Longer.

Three of the pillars of positive psychology are Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, Positivity by Barbara Frederickson and Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Czikscentmihaly. I have read each of them and recommend them highly. The links I have supplied take you directly to their listings on Amazon.

Lots of cyclists like to ride to places. I don’t. I just love the act of riding.

But, bicycling is not all I plan to write about. That’s where the favorite things theme comes in. I am going to write about the stuff that makes me feel good – be happy. Maybe it will make you feel the same way. From time to time I may write about things that I don’t care for, but those will be in the minority. I also like to take pictures with my iPhone. I live in a beautiful place and am happy to share it through the photos.

There will be blog items on books, music and movies for sure as they give me a great deal of happiness.



PS In 2017, I decided that there was so much ignorance and negative emotions around following the election that I needed to put out some positive items on it. 


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love it Tony,will be dropping by as I also am a exercise for Health person. Sounds great .Good luck. No photos of Gabi???My daughter just started Mountain Biking ,she is a runner,hiker,biker, all the postive vibes that exercising I truly beleive gives us=:)

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    • Marcy –

      Thanks very much for the nomination. Is there anything further that I need to have happen? Do you send me the artwork? Do I just go ahead and write up my nomination as if it were final?

      Sorry to be so dense…



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  4. I enjoy your posts I am have also taken cycling up as a life style choice. I use to spend hours on the road commuting and was miserable trying to carve out a living. Today I am poor but I am free especially while walking or on my bike.

    • HI, Tammy! Welcome aboard! I have written about cycling for a while, but lately have concentrated on political stuff. Feel free to roam back.There is a lot of good biking stuff. You can also check my other blog which is focused on good health and has cycling items, too. (@guysandgoodhealth.com)

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