Civility 101: James Cromwell Says ‘There Will Be Blood’ If Dems Lose Midterms

*The Hollywood arm of the liberal left reiterates its unhinged view of incivility and doubles down on Hillary’s threat.*

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By Gabriel Hays ~

Upon receiving some accolade for acting or whatever, actor James Cromwell took his opportunity at the podium to promote political civility, and by political civility, we mean threaten that there will be an actual bloodbath should Americans refuse to vote Democrat this November.

The actor best known for his roles as the one farmer who believed in Babe the pig, and the merciless warden from that Adam Sandler football movie, warned the public that there will be a bloody revolution if the Trump administration is able to continue its agenda of “nascent fascism.” With Hollywood’s constant lamentation about how divisive Trump’s fear-mongering is, Cromwell’s best move was to alert citizens that “There will be blood in the streets.” Really?

Farmer Hoggett, ahem, Cromwell began his evening’s political theme on the red carpet for the Carney awards. He was to be honored with a trophy for his talent as…

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This is the best summary I have run across of the past year in Washington.


By Daniel Greenfield

A week after the election, groups inside and outside the government, some calling themselves Obama Anonymous, had begun meeting to plan the “resistance” to Trump. Unlike the angry protesters in the streets, this resistance wasn’t a new organization. It consisted of Washington D.C. government lifers.

At the CFPB, there was a group calling itself Dumbledore’s Army. Within the FBI and the DOJ, there was a nameless “secret society”. Its details are being derived from text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok, a disgraced member of Mueller’s team, and his mistress, Lisa Page, who worked for FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Previous Strzok texts had spoken of taking out “insurance” against a Trump win. This was all the more significant since Strzok had investigated Hillary and interviewed Flynn. He was a crucial figure in both the investigations of Hillary Clinton and President Trump.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy…

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CNN reporter pushes Russian meddling story

*CNN’s version of the news. This poor woman with a clear anti-Trump agenda stumbles and falls in her encounter with Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump trying to wring a story out of nearly nothing. She has no answer for CNN’s overlooking Hillary Clinton’s home-brew server with Top Secret information on it. Nor any interest in the Clinton influence peddling through the Clinton Foundation.*

Twelve minutes into this, Sebastian Gorka points out that more people are watching Nick at Night than CNN.