About Hillary’s popular vote total




The eight-year nightmare ended …

*The caption says it all:*


Investor Mark Cuban uncharacteristically wrong

*Famed very successful investor, and star of CNBC’s Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, made an uncharacteristically bad call on the stock market regarding the election of President Trump.*


U.S. Consumer Confidence up sharply since election

*Consumer confidence remains high, according to the latest figures from The Conference Board. The readings remain around their highest levels in over a decade. For some reason the mainstream media doesn’t report much on this.*


“Consumer sentiment continued to travel along the high plateau established following Trump’s election, with only minor deviations from its five month average of 97.4. There was widespread agreement among consumers on their very positive assessments of the current state of the economy as well as widespread disagreement on future economic prospects. Although the partisan divide has slightly narrowed in recent months, it still reflects a very pessimistic economic outlook among Democrats and a very optimistic outlook among Republicans. The partisan divide on the Expectations Index was 51.0 points in April (61.4 vs. 112.4), down from last month’s 63.1 (59.4 vs. 122.5), with Republicans moderating their optimism more than Democrats reduced their pessimism,” Surveys of Consumers chief economist, Richard Curtin noted.