Really Cool Billboard Truck

I saw this billboard truck yesterday morning. It was parked by Buckingham Fountain. I rode past it three different times. It isn’t beautiful in the same sense as fall color, but I think it was particularly effective. I went home and fired up my panini maker to make lunch.

Tasty Billboard Truck



Epic Travel Ad on Sightseeing Bus – Part Two

Although I have never worked in advertising, I have always enjoyed a good ad. The industry mobilizes a great deal of creativity on a global basis, sight, sound, the works.

Here is another great ad I ran across on my bike ride this morning. Two weeks ago I posted this one.

Click on the pic for full size.

Like the first photo there is the riot of brilliant color which by no small coincidence is perfectly in time for the coming changing of the leaves here in the Midwest. I also thought that the color tones are perfectly autumnal.

I left more of the sky in the shot because I thought the clouds were especially cool

Love this ad!


My Favorite Commercial – “My Dad’s an Alien”

To a large extent I just speed through those miniature pieces of theater we call TV commercials, but every once in a while they create a real winner. The early E Trade Baby ones come to mind. The latest really fun one is Audi’s – My Dad’s an Alien.

LIttle Miss Deadpan

I just love this TV commercial for the Audi A6. I don’t know if it’s the kid’s deadpan delivery, the very concise dialog, the fact that her dad in one shot is decked out in a biking outfit or the combination of all these things, but it is absolutely my current favorite.