Fallen Cloud

I was riding late yesterday afternoon going north on a familiar patch of path just above the Museum Campus when I saw this. It was just starting to hail and I was hurrying back home because I wasn’t sure how bad it would be getting. But, when I saw this I had to stop and take a picture to show you.

I have passed this sculpture hundreds of times and never thought much about it. Yesterday, though, with the clouds behind it from that particular angle, it just hit me that it looked like one of the clouds had fallen.



Here is the nameplate. The actual title is Expanding Universe.

This is the nameplate for the sculpture.

This is the nameplate for the sculpture.

It certainly left me with a cushiony impression that mimicked the clouds behind it.



Rare Chicago Skyline Photo

You are looking at a view of the Chicago skyline that very few people who live in Chicago have ever seen. I shot it on a bike ride this morning from behind the Adler Planetarium. Most folks who live here don’t even know you can get behind the Planetarium let alone see the skyline from it.

Behind the Adler Planetarium.

This shot also shows the path that circles the Planetarium. I ride my bike on it regularly.


Sweet Cycling Surprise

I am a member of The Chainlink, Chicago’s Online Cycling Community. They had a Halloween contest about creative uses of a bicycle. I entered a picture of my bike with the basket on the front and the pet carrier in it. My little poodle was sitting in the basket. As it turns out I won the contest. I have a small amount of guilt about winning as I think the photo of my bike with little Gabi sitting in the basket won on the basis of being so darn cute.

Here is the photo that won of my bike (and cute dog).

First prize was a tin of bicycle cookies with one a replica of my bicycle.

I think Rocky, the baker, did a great job on the cookies and they taste delicious, too. (Thanks, Julie, for bringing them down.)


Overcast Morning Just Before Sunrise

This is what the sky looked like facing southeast this morning just before sunrise. The lights in the distance are the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium. The dark clouds overhead hint at the turmoil in the air from Frankenstorm Sandy approaching the East Coast. Wind gusts hit to 30 miles per hour on my morning bike ride.

An awesome look at nature.


Really Cool Billboard Truck

I saw this billboard truck yesterday morning. It was parked by Buckingham Fountain. I rode past it three different times. It isn’t beautiful in the same sense as fall color, but I think it was particularly effective. I went home and fired up my panini maker to make lunch.

Tasty Billboard Truck


Foggy Morning on Chicago Lakefront

Yesterday’s storms were followed by fog this morning. As a cyclist I like fog because there is never a wind with a fog, so riding is always comfortable. It also made for same fascinating photos. Click on any photo to see full size.

This is DuSable Harbor facing south.

I shot the second photo a bit farther down the bike path. The lights in the distance are Monroe Harbor.

Monroe Harbor from the bike path.

Next is a short bike ride down to actually be in Monroe Harbor.

Monroe Harbor up close.

The final shot is farther south still of the Shedd Aquarium ringed by lights.

Shedd Aquarium ringed by lights.

These were all shot in the first light of day. I absolutely love the appearance of electric lights at this time.


Chicago Skyline Panorama

I have had my iPhone for a couple of weeks now and am just catching on to the panorama feature on the camera.

This is one I shot from the Adler Planetarium after riding down there on my bike.

Still learning how to pan with my iPhone. Click on pic for full size.

As you can see it was a gorgeous clear day with big marshmallow clouds.