Chicago River Around Sunset

I think one of the best kept secrets in Chicago is the Riverwalk, the north and south walkways along the Chicago River. The walk starts at Lake Michigan and works west. I live at the lakefront so am very familiar with this area. I walk my dog there regularly as well as ride my bike.

I shot these to photos right around sunset on a late December afternoon at the end of a bike ride. I love this time as the light is the same as at dawn when the sun is just about to break over the horizon. Electric lights somehow seem charming.

I was standing at the Lake Shore Drive bridge looking west and north for these.

At Christmas time the trees are illuminated.

At Christmas time the trees are illuminated. Don’t you love the reflections in the river?

This shot simply looks farther west along the river.

This shot simply looks farther west along the river. That tall building is the new Trump Tower.

Chi-town is one of the beautiful cities.



The Chicago River First Thing in the Morning

As you can from the timestamp on the photo I shot this at 6:49 a.m. I was walking my dog by the Chicago River. This was in 2008 and I didn’t even own a camera phone at that time. I had brought my digital camera along because the previous morning I had seen a lovely crescent moon above the Wrigley Building and I wanted to photograph that. The bad news is that it wasn’t visible that morning. The good news is that I got this wonderful photo in morning light.

I think there is something so gentle about first morning light like this. It seems the day hasn’t fully awakened.