Thanks to ALL of You!!!

I started this blog on the first of September expecting to do a couple of dozen posts a year.

Somehow, three months later I am past 75 already. Haven’t a clue how that happened as I am still writing the One Regular Guy Writing About Food, Exercise and Living Longer one, too.

Likeable Blog Award

Likeable Blog Award

Anyway, thanks to each and every one of you for reading these little posts and taking the time to click¬†like. I couldn’t have done it without you.



Placid November Morning

I went out on the bike first thing Monday morning after staying in on Sunday due to the 45 mph wind gusts. Too much for me. Anyone who watched the Bears game on Sunday evening could see the violence of the weather in the rain and wind.

That’s why Monday morning was such a joy. The wind had spent itself and when I rode out, the sun was just getting ready to peek over the horizon. I thought Lake Michigan looked lovely.

You can see the Navy Pier ferris wheel in the background.

Just south of the Pier, looking dead east from the bike path.

Looking farther south toward the Monroe Yacht Club.

Wonderful contrast from the weekend’s turmoil.


Foggy Morning on Chicago Lakefront

Yesterday’s storms were followed by fog this morning. As a cyclist I like fog because there is never a wind with a fog, so riding is always comfortable. It also made for same fascinating photos.¬†Click on any photo to see full size.

This is DuSable Harbor facing south.

I shot the second photo a bit farther down the bike path. The lights in the distance are Monroe Harbor.

Monroe Harbor from the bike path.

Next is a short bike ride down to actually be in Monroe Harbor.

Monroe Harbor up close.

The final shot is farther south still of the Shedd Aquarium ringed by lights.

Shedd Aquarium ringed by lights.

These were all shot in the first light of day. I absolutely love the appearance of electric lights at this time.