Uncovering that Time Magazine cover

*This Time Magazine cover that has become world famous inside of a week is the latest instance of how low the mainstream media has sunk in its efforts to defame President Trump. Sadly, I am not surprised, considering its performance since the election.*

Clearly, Time didn’t care for the last Republican President either.



Hillary Clinton – Send illegal immigrant children back

*Here is Hillary Clinton talking with CNN about the illegal immigrant children coming up from South American countries.*

President Bill Clinton on U.S. immigration policy – CSPAN

*This superb excerpt from a speech by President Bill Clinton lasts less than two minutes. Don’t miss it.* 


First 50 Days of Trump Presidency

The mainstream media has chosen to ignore it, but here are the numbers for the first 50 days of Donald Trump’s Presidency: 


      – The United States added almost 300,000 jobs


      – Illegal border crossings are down 40% and still falling


      – The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been rejected


      – The Keystone Pipeline is approved


      – The US Military is being rebuilt


      – The stock market is reaching record highs


      – Immigration from the most volatile parts of the world has been halted, twice!


      – Federal funding from Sanctuary cities has been eliminated


      – Penalties for crimes committed against law enforcement have been enhanced



First month of Trump Presidency …

We should be reading this in the mainstream media, but we aren’t.

After President Trump’s first full month in office…

✓ 235,000 jobs were added to our economy in February — 100,000 more than what was expected

truth-lies-2_copy.jpg✓ 40% fewer illegal immigrants crossed our border (even before the border wall has been constructed)

Consumer confidence and business confidence at new high levels

✓ $3 trillion were added to the stock market as optimism about our economy continues to soar

✓ Billions of dollars will be invested here in the United States by businesses that are encouraged by President Trump’s economic policies

✓ Judge Gorsuch, a constitutionalist worthy of Justice Scalia’s seat, was nominated to the Supreme Court