Invading The U.S. How It Started

The invading force has more than doubled the original 4,000.

The Honduran government claims that community activists, led by a former legislator named Bartolo Fuentes, were initially behind the group, intending to malign the country’s leaders. The bulk of the migrants here are still from Honduras.

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The invasion force is now 14,000: 

Edith Cruz was sitting at home in central Honduras, scanning Facebook on her phone, when she saw the post about the caravan on a community news page.

It was Oct. 12. She and her cousin had just opened a small business selling tortillas when they were confronted by a gang, threatened with death if they didn’t hand over half of their profits. She looked at the Facebook post: “An avalanche of Hondurans is preparing to leave in a caravan to the United States. Share this!” Within three hours, her bags were packed…

Although the caravan’s origin story remains somewhat opaque, the answer from many migrants here is that they had wanted to leave for months or years, and then – in a Facebook post, a television program, a WhatsApp group – they saw an image of the growing group and…

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