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Perhaps black voters should reconsider …

*Under President Trump #unemployment amongst #blacks has fallen to a multi-year low and #foodstamp recipients have also declined.*

*No one ever called Donald #Trump a #racist until he ran against #Hillary.*



Racism is the old faithful, and totally overused, weapon of the left wing that seems to never wear out.  



By Ann Coulter

One thing no liberal will ever turn down is the opportunity to get a standing ovation for accusing someone else of racism.

Democrats have placed their opening bid in the immigration talks on Trump’s 10-yard line — a hilariously unbalanced “compromise” that is worse than their original proposal. Now, they are battering him with accusations of racism to force him into an amnesty deal that he was specifically elected to prevent.

Forced to choose, soccer moms are going with MSNBC — and, hey, if that means we’ll still have Rosa to clean the house, well, that’s OK, too!

Liberals have gotten a free ride for too long on using phony claims of “racism” to promote policies that hurt black people but help themselves. It’s like spoiling a kid; by the time he’s 15, it’s impossible to get him to clean his room.

The virtue signalers have been…

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The bizarre decline of Dr. Seuss

*The librarian, dressed as the Cat in the Hat  in the lower right photo is the one who rejected Melania Trump’s donation of #Dr.Seuss books saying they are steeped in #racist propaganda. Sad to see how accusation of racism gets tossed around so easily.*

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