Frigid February Morning

This is what sub-zero looks like. It was just below zero Fahrenheit this morning when I shot these.

The sun was just beginning to creep over the horizon at this point

The sun was just beginning to creep over the horizon at this point

Up over the horizon, but blocked by clouds…

Over the horizon, but not quite visible...

Over the horizon, but not quite visible…

Peeking through the clouds …

Brightening, but still chill ...

Brightening, but still chill …

Here the sun has risen and illuminates the ‘steam’ coming up from the surface waters which is really ice crystals.

Lovely reflection off Lake Michigan's surface ...

Lovely reflection off Lake Michigan’s surface …

This is just a clearer shot of the lake’s surface.

Last, but not least more surface detail.

Last, but not least more surface detail.

One of the things worth mentioning is that these were shot looking almost exactly due east, so you can see how much the sun has returned from its wintry trip down south. It is almost dead even on the horizon as it moves back north through spring and summer.

These photos were shot today, February first. Since the first of the year, we have added 13 minutes of daylight in the morning and 35 minutes in the afternoon, so we have a total of 48 more minutes of sunlight now than we did when the year started. Things are looking up.



January Morning

I don’t know what it is about January, but it seems to generate some of the more dramatic sunrises of the year. This was earlier in the current week.


This reminds me of paintings I have seen and loved, dramatic, powerful, enlightening, uplifting.

Ice Mosaic

The normal high temperature in Chicago in January is around 32 F. Last week we had several days where temps ranged up into the 50’s. As a result the usually frozen solid surface of Lake Michigan yielded.

I think the resulting ice mosaic is kind of cool.

ice mosaic

The sun  had risen an hour or so earlier, but was hiding in the clouds. I saw this on my morning bike ride.

January Sunrise

After a series of unpicturesque mornings, January fifth offered a dramatic contrast.


Just before cracking the horizon

Just before cracking the horizon

This was several minutes later:

Good morning, sun.

Worth the wait

Worth the wait

I wonder what it is about January that brings about such dramatic displays.


November Morn

I shot these yesterday. Although the vibrant colors of October have mostly fled, the sunrise fails to disappoint.

Shortly before sunrise.

The first is before sunrise and the second shortly after.

Not long after.

This is on a bike ride a little later.


Placid November Morning

I went out on the bike first thing Monday morning after staying in on Sunday due to the 45 mph wind gusts. Too much for me. Anyone who watched the Bears game on Sunday evening could see the violence of the weather in the rain and wind.

That’s why Monday morning was such a joy. The wind had spent itself and when I rode out, the sun was just getting ready to peek over the horizon. I thought Lake Michigan looked lovely.

You can see the Navy Pier ferris wheel in the background.

Just south of the Pier, looking dead east from the bike path.

Looking farther south toward the Monroe Yacht Club.

Wonderful contrast from the weekend’s turmoil.


Sunrise on a Rainy Day

I shot the first photo from my window at sunrise. Maybe this is the red in the morning that would be a ‘sailor’s warning’ because it rained and was blustery much of the day.


I shot the second photo about an hour later. I had walked the dog and this was from the lakefront on a bike ride. It isn’t often you see a gray day beginning to happen. This was one.

I love the lonely sailboats.



Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

This morning I got out on the bike just after sunrise. This is what the sky looked like.

Tranquil Lake Michigan just after sunrise. Click photo to see full size.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan is something. Isn’t this an amazing combination of sun, sky, clouds and boats.


Clouds Over Lake Michigan

The open expanse of Lake Michigan offers some stunning views of clouds. Some of these are from bike rides. As always you can click on a pic to see it full size.

This is 12th St. Beach

This is a storm that blew over Chicago and now rests over the lake at sunrise

I thought these clouds looked like gravel in the sky over 12th St. Beach

This is Monroe Harbor