Sausage Clouds

Funny how this view of Navy Pier yields such interesting photos. I have taken a number of them, one just a few posts back. I thought the clouds reminded me of sausages, or possibly intestines although that isn’t as pleasant an image.

Don't those clouds remind you of sausages?

Don’t those clouds remind you of sausages?

I definitely is a dark December sky.

What do you think?



Fallen Cloud

I was riding late yesterday afternoon going north on a familiar patch of path just above the Museum Campus when I saw this. It was just starting to hail and I was hurrying back home because I wasn’t sure how bad it would be getting. But, when I saw this I had to stop and take a picture to show you.

I have passed this sculpture hundreds of times and never thought much about it. Yesterday, though, with the clouds behind it from that particular angle, it just hit me that it looked like one of the clouds had fallen.



Here is the nameplate. The actual title is Expanding Universe.

This is the nameplate for the sculpture.

This is the nameplate for the sculpture.

It certainly left me with a cushiony impression that mimicked the clouds behind it.


Dramatic Clouds Over Lake Michigan

Here are two photos I shot on a recent bike ride. The view is looking south from the Adler Planetarium toward Indiana. Click on either photo to see full size.


This was shot with the regular iPhone lens

The following photo was shot using the iPhone panorama feature.

This is another iPhone 5 panorama shot.

I thought it was interesting how dramatic the panorama shot makes this scene.


Marshmallow Clouds over Chicago

Today was just amazing as far as the clouds go. I will have to remember this as it might be a fall phenomenon. I shot all of these an a 25 mile bike ride on the lakefront bike path this morning. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed seeing and photographing them. (Click on any photo to see it full size.)

This is looking south on the bike path. I was fascinated by the light off the buildings, too.

Here we have some of the marshmallow clouds a little south of the first pic.

I rode a little farther and shot this one. Nice selection of clouds with the skyline below and Lake Michigan in the foreground.

This was from a farther south vantage point looking north. I like the cloud activity over the buildings.

I am still getting the hang of shooting photos with my iPhone 5. I have to rmeember to shoot pans more often.


Chicago Skyline Panorama

I have had my iPhone for a couple of weeks now and am just catching on to the panorama feature on the camera.

This is one I shot from the Adler Planetarium after riding down there on my bike.

Still learning how to pan with my iPhone. Click on pic for full size.

As you can see it was a gorgeous clear day with big marshmallow clouds.