Happy Birthday, Gabi

My little poodle, Gabi, has a birthday today. She was born on the 12th of December 2005. By a process of rapid calculation that works out to seven years old. I have to admit that I didn’t have a dog seven years ago, nor did I want one. How I got her is a story in itself.  I wrote it up for my other blog on healthy eating and living longer. If you would like to read it click here.

For the record, Gabi is a pure bred poodle. She was the runt of a teacup litter. Teacup poodles weigh around five pounds. Nonetheless, she currently stands 11 inches high and weighs just under 14 pounds.

Words fall short in explaining her place in my life. She makes me laugh every day with her canine kookiness. I am not having a birthday party for her because she is a dog and wouldn’t understand it. But, I want to put this blog post together for her and for me.

I think one picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some of her. Below is a shot just after a grooming. Glamorous, no? Thanks to my friend, Maxine, for putting the photo together.

Next is Gabi on the Fourth of July with her festive bandanna.

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth!

This photo below is a prize winner that my daughter, Kate, shot. It was a Purina Dog Chow contest and the winners were displayed in Times Square. I was holding her over my shoulder and there was a fan blowing in her face.

Prize winning shot of Gabi in Times Square

Prize winning shot of Gabi in Times Square

The photo below is an ‘attitude’ shot. It is morning and I am on the couch reading, but she is ready for her walk. Her patience is running out.

Her patience is running out.

Her patience is running out.

I love this next one. She gets cold in the winter so I have bought her several hoodies. She doesn’t like the feelilng of them being slipped over her head. This shot shows her hiding her two front paws and her neck so I can’t slip it on her.

HIding her front paws and neck.

HIding her front paws and neck.

No collection of Gabi photos would be complete without one of her riding in my bike basket. This was shot by a Chicago newspaper photographer of us riding on Northerly Island. You can see the Chicago Skyline behind us. She rides several thousand miles with me each year and has had her picture taken on the lakefront hundreds of times by tourists from all over the world.

bikingpictures07 copy 2

Last, but not least, one of her puppy pics.

She was four months old here and I hadn't adopted her yet.

She was four months old here and I hadn’t adopted her yet.

Happy Birthday, Gabi!



Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

This morning I got out on the bike just after sunrise. This is what the sky looked like.

Tranquil Lake Michigan just after sunrise. Click photo to see full size.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan is something. Isn’t this an amazing combination of sun, sky, clouds and boats.


Further Chicago Lakefront Fall Foliage

I called this further fall foliage because it is an additional set of foliage pics as well as the fact that these are all the result of riding my bike farther on the Chicago Lakefront bike path. Click on any pic to see full size.

This fork by the Museum Campus has a lovely array of fall colors

Super color with Lake Shore Drive as a backdrop

Downhill from the Field Museum

You have to ride to the Soldier Field Parking Lot to find this array of color with Lake Shore Drive behind it

Fall colors rock on Chicago’s Lakefront.


Thank You – All 200 of You!

I just got this little badge from WordPress that said I had a LIKABLE BLOG.

When I started writing this blog last month, I fully expected to post about two dozen items over the coming year. Here I am in my second month and I am on number 35. Go figure!

I saw and loved the movie Premium Rush and wanted to write about it. It didn’t seem to fit the other blog that I co-write with my friend John, so I started this blog. I wanted to write about My Favorite Things as I said on my About page. I guess didn’t know that I had so many.

It’s gratifying that my simple message of positivity and beauty can find such a welcome.

I want to thank all of you folks who have visited my blog and taken the time to LIKE what you read and saw. I am thrilled that someone else likes my photos. I don’t think I am dry yet, so I hope you will return from time to time.

Just informationally, I also co-write a blog on Diet, Exercise and Good Health including Healthy Aging. It was John’s brainchild, an old friend from Reuters. You can check it out at: guysandgoodhealth.com.


Lake Michigan Panorama

I am fortunate to live in a high rise building overlooking Lake Michigan. Regular readers have already seen a number of sunrises I have shot looking out my window in the morning.

Herewith my first panorama of Lake Michigan from my window with my new iPhone. I don’t know about you, but I am blown away by the technology that we carry around in our pockets these days. I still can’t get over the fact that the GPS device in my car knows where I am on Planet Earth within about 10 feet.

On the extreme left if Navy Pier and on the extreme right the Adler Planetarium (Click on photo for full size)


My Dog, My Bike, Buckingham Fountain

This is a picture from a couple of years ago when I first got the front carrier assembled for riding with my dog. I am not sure why I shot the photo as there doesn’t seem to be any attempt at composition. Yet, I really like it. Maybe it’s the lack of composition, it is kind of whimsical. The Fountain sprays away, poochie looks cute and my bike is there. All things I enjoy greatly.

Anyway, enjoy!


A Chicago Lakefront Bike Ride

I made this video a couple of years ago when I got my first iPhone. I was so thrilled to have a camcorder with me on rides, I decided to make a video riding a bicycle ride along the lakefront.

I hope you can get a feel for riding along with me on the bike. That’s Willie Nelson on the soundtrack.


Lovely Fall Day for Lakefront Biking

I shot these photos yesterday on what may have been one of the best days of the year for riding a bike. Temp remained in the mid 60s and the wind wasn’t crazy.

This is what it looked like just before sunrise.

It was red in the morning, but no sailor’s warning was needed.

After walking poochie we got out on the bike.

I thought The Riverwalk looked especially inviting.

This frosted treetop is down by the Museum Campus.

In the background you can see the Willis Tower on the left and the Hancock Building on the right.

I retired on October 2 some years ago so this was the final, but one, day of my bicycling year.


Epic Travel Ad on Sightseeing Bus – Part Two

Although I have never worked in advertising, I have always enjoyed a good ad. The industry mobilizes a great deal of creativity on a global basis, sight, sound, the works.

Here is another great ad I ran across on my bike ride this morning. Two weeks ago I posted this one.

Click on the pic for full size.

Like the first photo there is the riot of brilliant color which by no small coincidence is perfectly in time for the coming changing of the leaves here in the Midwest. I also thought that the color tones are perfectly autumnal.

I left more of the sky in the shot because I thought the clouds were especially cool

Love this ad!