Being Dealt Four-of-a-Kind in Video Poker

I am not trying to make this into a video poker blog any more than I am trying to make it a biking blog, but I find compelling beauty in both. I visited my local riverboat yesterday and was fortunate enough to be dealt this hand.

This is a beautiful photo to me because I am a card player, but it is also beautiful on an artistic level to me for the order it brings to the chaos of a deck of cards.


For readers who don’t know how this triple play video poker works: one hand is dealt three times. Then the player may draw to the hand from three different decks. I like it because it seems to give an upward leverage to the player. He can only lose his original bet on a bust, but he can win many times that on a dealt winner like  this one.

One of the other beauties of this hand is that I happened to be losing at the time and this one ‘got me well.’



Another Favorite Thing – A Royal Flush in Video Poker

This is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. I like playing cards. That is, I like to play cards and I also like the cards themselves, the figures and images on them. Video poker is a fun game for me in that I get to see lots of hands in various winning and losing configurations.


Every once in a while, about one time in 40,000 deals, I get one of these. This was a progressive jackpot which you can read. Normally, the payoff on a Royal is 4000 quarters, or $1000. For the record, this was a lucky draw. The chances of catching a Royal holding three cards is on in 1081 deals.

One of the interesting things about his one is that I like to gamble on special days, like my birthday, or 11/11, etc. This particular year, I went on my birthday, January 26, but didn’t win. However, when I returned on the 31st, I hit this one. A friend said that the extra money on the progressive jackpot was interest on the Royal I should have got on my birthday.