Sausage Clouds

Funny how this view of Navy Pier yields such interesting photos. I have taken a number of them, one just a few posts back. I thought the clouds reminded me of sausages, or possibly intestines although that isn’t as pleasant an image.

Don't those clouds remind you of sausages?

Don’t those clouds remind you of sausages?

I definitely is a dark December sky.

What do you think?



Windy Clouds Behind Buckingham Fountain

I shot this photo today while taking a break on a bike ride. I love Buckingham Fountain and ride by it every day. Today there was an east wind that became gusty. As you can see from the spectacular clouds the winds seemed to be blowing at the higher altitutes, too.

This is wind and clouds around Buckingham Fountain. Click the pic for full view

We have such gorgeous sights on the Chicago Lakefront!


The Chicago River Water Cannon

In 1885, a cholera and typhoid epidemic killed thousands when sewage was washed into Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water for the city. By 1890 the Chicago Sanitary District succeeded in reversing the flow of the Chicago River to divert sewage away from Lake Michigan. The Chicago River System is more than 150 miles long and has one island.

There is a beautiful river walk on both sides of the river. About 200 yards west of the entrance to Lake Michigan sets the Water Cannon. Every hour on the hour it shoots a spectacular flow of water across the river for 10 minutes.


If you stand in exactly the right place, with exactly enough wind and the sun is at the correct angle – you may see a rainbow.

It is a thrilling sight for tourists and residents (at least this resident) alike.

I live within a half mile of this place and walk my dog there and ride my bike there almost every day.